10 years ago, I was caught up in the events of July the 7th when suicide bombers attacked London. I was in Tavistock Square that day and my life was changed in an instant.
I struggled with PTSD and various physical problems but basically got on with my life although it was falling apart. Up until two years ago, a car accident damaged my nerves on my left side and put me out of work it brought back all of the problems I'd thought I'd dealt with over the last 10 years.
As I was going to hospital on a weekly basis and having tests and scans. My physical problems were only being controlled by drugs and my mental well-being wasn't being addressed at all!
My Dr recommended that I take up Tai Chi as I may find it helpful with my balance and help me build my core strength. She also mentioned that it might help with my mental well-being too.


The first class I went to was in February 2015, a year after my accident. I couldn't make the stairs to the room it was being held in and I had to use the disabled lift. This was quite a blow to me as I have been very active and fit before this. I found it hard to do and I really thought it really wouldn't help as I couldn't walk without a stick and had to sit frequently as my core muscles were so weak from the nerve damage I couldn't breathe very well.

I persevered and with the help of my classmates and a very good instructor in Richard,I have come on marvellously!

The last class I had, I did without a stick and with very little pain.
Richard has been encouraging, patient and very helpful during my recovery and I can't praise him or the way he teaches enough.

I'm well on the way to a full recovery and I really do owe it ,in a big way to Richard and Tai Chi. Not only has it helped me physically but morning meditation and practice has helped calm my mind immensely too and given me focus on reclaiming my life. I will always be thankful for that.

I know it's quite long Richard but I hope you can edit it and use it. If you can't, let me know and I'll send you a shorter version!

Thank you so much for you patients and your teaching. You are great at it and I hope you can carry on for many years.